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So here we are! Last week starts with presentations of our companies which, actually, have a good potential to become a real business! 
Here is a list of projects which we have:
- AMPEUS wine boxes and discovery
- BobaTruck 
- Travel Cat brunch restaurant



If you have an opportunity, while studying in France - go to Paris, a very beautiful city, with fascinating architecture. We spent really fruitful and intensive weekends visiting la tour Eiffel, le Louvre, des Catacombes de Paris, and of course Versailles. Don't forget your passport, cause if you are less than 26 you can have a free entrance. -2018.06.20


That’s not France. It’s Brussels, Belgium! A day trip to refresh a little bit our forces and get some energy for the last two weeks!
Can you imagine?! We are excited and sad at the same time... This is the chance which you probably get just once in your life so you should take as much as possible out of there! 
Personally, I wish all of us to be strong and dedicated to what we are going through right now! -2018.06.15


We are heading to the end of the Bridge program that means it’s time for presentations!
Do you know something about business ethics? And about the future of business ethics? We know! At least in a few countries thanks to the presentation of our colleagues during Business Ethics class. Here’s some pics from the last week. -2018.06.11


Here are some pictures about our trip last Sunday at le cap blanc nez, famous place in the north of France. Unfortunately due to the weather we couldn’t see the cliff of the UK. It was a very beautiful day with a wonderful picnic. -2018.05.28


The first week at Estice we did a game to explore Lille with our friends from Taiwan and Russia, they discover Lille with a lots of questions about the city, hunting treasure, I was with Micha and Judy, we were lucky it was a very sunny day. -2018.05.27


Don’t think that we’re doing shopping here! We are working on our on-site project for Auchan!!! First day of an internship in a company. We are excited for the next six weeks of a hard work, learning and professional growth! -2018.05.19


Meg is well arrived in Lille ????????. -2018.05.02


After the final presentation, we held a farewell party for students. Buffet lunch is provided and all of us enjoyed a lot! Wish you guys have a beautiful memory in Taiwan. Have a safe trip to France! -2018.04.27


Today is the last day Bridge students studying in Wenzao, Taiwan. Students have a very professional and wonderful presentation. Mentors from three companies also present to evaluate students’ presentation. This is really a fruitful learning journey. -2018.04.27


Thanks for Rita’s son, Mathew, a professional calligraphy writer, who taught my French, Russian friends a calligraphy lesson today. Diane, Dima, are very talented in calligraphy and accomplished their masterpieces. (Rita is a graduated student in Wenzao. Thanks for her help, we can invite his son for a calligraphy lesson. She prepared the tools and organized the lesson with his professional son.) - 2018.04.20


Time flies quickly. Bridge program part 2 is going to finish very soon; therefore we held an activity for students. Wish you guys enjoy the time being in Taiwan. - 2018.04.18


When I was preparing to fly here, I thought that it would be just usual study (lectures, exams, internship) and my buddies (buddy is a person who must look over his/her international student) just took me from the airport show me some places nearby to by products and that’s it, but, fortunately, appeared to be another way:

- Study here is not usual lectures and exams, but more interactive of students and teachers, for example presentations, which you need to do with your team to lesson; tests via “kahoot”; meetings in companies with their heads; attending local city’s events (yacht exhibition, going boat trip) e.t.c.

- Buddies are very active to invite us to some parties and interesting places (night markets, beaches, festivals e.t.c.). - 2018.04.18


This is my first experience of studying abroad for a long time, especially in such a hot country! So I was really excited to see our University surrounded with palm trees, having the sun and 25 degrees in March. But what I like the most is that students are everywhere, doing their homework, eating, doing sport, dancing or just having fun. All of it creates an atmosphere of a little town with the life boiling in it, so everybody of our team found a preferable activity. Michael and me, for instance, play tennis right after lessons almost every day. - 2018.04.15


Today is Wenzao’s Sports Day. It is good to see Julia Gromyka joins the international students team. - 2018.04.13


Bridge students are doing strategy simulation -selling Taiwanese products back to their home country. - 2018.04.13


Bridge students go to business for on-site project! - 2018.04.10


Combining travelling and studying seems to be really difficult but we are doing our best. A few days ago we went to the capital city Taipei. What incredible views are there! Two-days trip is probably not enough however I’m happy to have this chance to explore new sights and places with a great company ever thanks to Judy and Lucky and their friends and to Michael of course! - 2018.04.06


Team work on the topic of international Human Resources management! -2018.03.28


Joying the 2018 Taiwan International Boat Show at Kaohsiung Exhibition Center. -2018.03.19


Eating ice with fruit and experience how Taiwanese deal with hot weather. -2018.03.18


Bridge students are sharing their international experiences with our local students. -2018.03.14


What a wonderful day. Bridge students visited an interesting place in Kaohsiung. Did you watch the movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”? Tiger and dragon are two special animals in Chinese culture. One is entrance and the other is exit. Make sure you got the right direction! -2018.03.12


Bridge Students are doing on-site project! -2018.03.09


Bridge program part 2 is flying. Welcome all you guys. Wish you enjoy the journey in Taiwan. -2018.03.05


Taiwanese part begins!! -2018.03.05


Dr. Stein is visiting Bridge, sharing with us his rich expertise in cross -cultural filed. -2017.12.13


The Module Emotional Intelligence in Business with Stefano Vlahovic in KrausLab was a great success! Thank you, Stefano!-2017.12.10


It has been wonderful time for all of us with Bridge! 
Thank you for learning and sharing, pioneers of the Program!
Wishing you success in Taiwan and France
Look forward to seeing you again in Russia!-2017.12.08


Festival of cultures in KrausLab -2017.12.04


Last Friday there was a last “working day” at Simense Finance office for us! Time flies so fast and today we will present the results which we’ve reached during this interesting journey in SF thanks to a great team! -2017.12.04



We did it, in spite of rain and wind, and we had lots of fun-2017.11.21


Trip to the Curonian Spit National Park-2017.11.20


Onsite project discussion-2017.11.16


Must see place in Kaliningrad? World Ocean Museum definitely! First time for all of us there! The Depth and aquarium are out of our list for now, maybe we’ll get back there soon to see other exhibitions. Oh, and we went down to the submarine and played so called “video games”! -2017.10.12


Playing @diverSOPHY Russia today with Bridge students-2017.11.10


Learning Russian is much fun with Katya Agulnik in Krauslab-2017.11.09


We held a nice informative and language barrier breaking event in our English School "Big Ben" a week ago. French and Taiwanese friends helped our students to feel themselves as a fish in water, sharing their thoughs, culture and experiece in Kaliningrad, we even talked a little bit about North and South Korea conflict. -2017.11.06


Nice trip at Svetlogorsk, Kaliningradskaya Oblast', Russia-2017.11.06


Friendship without Borders - the festival in charity organization "Pchelka" with all the international students of KrausLab participating as one family. What fun! -2017.10.30


Congratulations to Bridge on accomplishing a very intense module on Innovations-2017.10.27


Congratulations to Bridge on accomplishing a very intense module on Innovations-2017.10.27


Congratulations to Bridge on accomplishing a very intense module on Innovations-2017.10.27


The Bridge is launched! Classes at KrausLab started 2017.10.18


BRIDGE and 19th World Festival of Youth Students-2017.10.15


BRIDGE and 19th World Festival of Youth Students 2017.10.15


校方熱情地為學生舉辦歡迎會 2017.10.12



俄羅斯學生熱情地接機 2017.10.12


學生們前往 Kaliningrad 的路上 2017.10.11